Hope 2508

Hope 2508 is the Community Services Arm of Hope Church 2508. We really want to make a practical difference in the lives of those people who may be struggling in life. Our Hope Centre in Helensburgh is open every day of the week, offering services that we have developed in response to local needs.

Our services include:
Hope Community Pantry: a low-cost food service for local individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Helensburgh Community Tutoring: a low-cost tutoring program for primary and high school students.

Kids Hope: a school-mentoring program.

CAP Money: a free budgeting and money-management course.

Counselling: low-cost counselling services on request.

Hope Church 2508 offers services that:

Honour God and Honour People
Offer hope and community to all
We Love – We Care – We Help

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