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Hope Stories

Alex’s Hope Story

Hi, my name is Alexander, and I want to share a bit of my testimony.

I grew up in a Christian home. I had a Catholic background being Italian. But very shortly when I was young, early my life, I became a born-again Christian. When I was seven years old, I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus and I started to speak in tongues from that young age, right up through to about twenty-six I was always going to church.

But at that stage, some events were happening. I abruptly stopped going to church, not because of anything at church, but just because of life situations. I started to get into the party scene with my friends and then I started to get into drugs. And then slowly, slowly the parties started to get more frequent. Drugs became more predominantly and towards around 30 years old, I started to be a drug dealer, providing just for my friends, my initial group of friends.

That just started to bring me down to this darkness. The funny thing was, I knew the Lord and I knew this was wrong. I knew demonic activity I understood this stuff.

But you want to keep doing it because you’re having fun, but you are going into darkness in and getting depressed even when you are not there.

At the age of 33 I started to get sciatic nerve pain. All of a sudden, I got sciatic nerve pain. I was cornered in my life. I could not go to work. I could not work anymore. I could not get in the car. I could not even sit down. I could not even bend my neck. I could not do nothing. I had scans. I had worn out discs, L4 and L5.

I could not do nothing. It was useless. Six months later, went by and I knelt down on my bedside and I gave my life to Jesus. I gave my life to the Lord and instantly God came really powerfully, and I started to speak in tongues straight away. I actually lost it (ability to speak in tongues) for about a year. I would test it here and there. I had lost and then I started to speak in tongues.

The very next day I went to church on Wednesday with my mum. It was hard to get in the car because of the pain. I went to church, I bit the bullet and my church, they prayed for me and all the pain left. And I was like, praise the Lord. He healed me when I was 21, now I am thirty-three and a half. After that I just so on fire for the Lord. That was a really turning point in my life. Thank you.