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Hope Stories

George’s Hope Story

Hi, my name’s George. I just thought I would share a little bit of my journey with the Lord.
I came to Christ when I was about 40. I was pretty broken, I messed up my life severely and I was in deep, deep, deep depression. When I realised I didn’t know how to run my life, I cried out to God in desperation. And you know, it took God about a second to come into my heart, and he started to change me, and he started to shape me.
I started to attend church, and I started to grow in God, but for a long, long time I was a Christian, but still had depression; I was a Christian, but I was still timid; I was a Christian, but I still didn’t really know who I was. I was in a church of timid Christians, and I struggled – I knew I was saved, but there was something wrong; there was something I wasn’t understanding or something I wasn’t getting. And I cried out to God, and I said there’s gotta be more… There has got to be more!
And you know what? God heard me. And he led me to a new church, and I started to hear the gospel like I’ve never heard it before; I started to hear the truth like I’d never heard it before. I started to understand who I was in Christ. And because I started to understand that, I started to understand my authority in Christ, and everything changed. I felt stronger in God, and God got stronger in me.
And now, I’m living in a freedom I could have never imagined. I love God, he loves me, I love being his child, and I love the power that he has put in us. And it all comes from knowing the truth, and having that truth set you free. And I’m so glad God brought me to this place.
And you know what? God came into my life in such a beautiful and gentle way. And I can say to you, God is the most beautiful person you could ever meet. He’s so gentle, he’s so kind, he’s so amazing in my life.
I’d love to share my journey with you, love to share my God encounter with you. If you want to know more about how God met with me, in the midst of my depression, in the midst of suicidal thoughts, just contact the church and I’d love to come out and talk to you.