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Hope Stories

John’s Hope Story

Hi, my name is John. I want to give you my hope story a powerful testimony of how God gave me hope.
At the age of 16, I started drinking and drinking quite heavily and very quickly developed a philosophy, “no point drinking unless you're going to get drunk”. This led me to when I got my license, I would drive, I would drink and drive, and I had three drink driving accidents.
The third one, I fell asleep at the wheel, went through red lights, hit one car, a second car and a third car and wrapped my car around a pole. They had to cut me out with the jaws of life and fortunately, I was the only one that was hurt.
I had a cut on my head, but when they put me in the ambulance in the same ambulance was a father with his two little daughters, no more than six or seven years old. And these three people were in one of the cars that I had hit. Anyway, I wanted to say sorry to that man, and I tried to look him in the eye. I was crying. I am trying to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry. And the words would come out, but I could not look him in the eye. And from that point in my life, I could not look anyone in the oil was so burdened with guilt and shame. And on top of that, I had a great fear of death.
Fast forward a few years to when I was 24. I was at a Christian concert and at the end of the concert, a guy got up to preach and everything he was saying. It is like he was talking to me. And so that night I gave my life to Christ and bowed my knee and opened my heart to Jesus. And immediately he (Jesus) came in and he took away all the guilt and all the shame and the fear of death. And I want to tell you that Jesus Christ is hope. He loves you and he is hope.