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Hope Stories

Lionel’s Hope Story

Hi, my name is Lionel Rattenbury. I am the pastor of Hope Church.
I left a career in law to become a pastor and many people have asked me the reason why. And I just want to give you some insight into why someone earning a lot of money. I had 50 staff working for me. Why someone earning so much money could turn their back on that to become a pastor.
First of all, it was not a midlife crisis. Second of all, it was not that I did not like the work that I was doing. I actually really enjoyed everything that I was doing. But what I discovered that my life with Jesus was way better. And when money is not an object that you are striving after. And I was materialistic, but now I am not. And when money was no longer an object for me that I was pursuing, it became a very easy decision to make.
I have experienced success, fame, money, all that sort of stuff. But I tell you what is way better than that – a relationship with God. That is why I gave it all up. To be honest with you, that is the reason that I left law to become a pastor, because I just love seeing other people experience God the way that I did. The fruits of the spirit that is love, joy and peace are way better than any money, anything else that I have ever experienced in my life. Bless you.