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Hope Stories

Paul (PJ)’s Hope Story

What looked like a ‘good life’ on the outside was far from what it was on the inside! The lifetime of daily anxiety and constant pursuit of success lead him down a path of alcohol and drug addiction.

This Doctor explains how his life was totally transformed after calling out to God for help in a Rehab unit. God answered his call for help instantly and gave him total peace. This radical transformation lead him to leave his profession behind to become a Pastor with the sole purpose of helping others experience the incredible love of God he himself experienced and to see others live a life transformed by the power of God.

Hey guys, my name is PJ and I am one of the pastors here at Hope Church. And if you had met me like seven or eight years ago, I was a totally different person. I had suffered with anxiety for most of my life. And I kind of just pushed it down. Ended up chasing success. And I became a doctor and was living in the city and on the outside had what looked like a good life, but definitely on the inside was feeling something totally different.
And it was in a moment of desperation after having turned to alcohol and to drugs, that I reached out to God both places in inner rehab. And I cried out to Jesus and said, Would you please help? And he did. And that is the best he's got to share with you.
Jesus changed everything in a really short amount of time. I went from having experienced anxiety like daily to being totally peaceful. And I left behind all the career that I had and all the stuff that I was doing to follow after Jesus and to help young people follow Jesus to.
And I am here to say that there is hope for anyone. It has been said that every sinner has got a future and every saint has got a past. And that has been my experience with Jesus. Hope that blesses you.