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Hope Stories

Sue’s Hope Story

Hello, my name name's Sue, and I just want to share a story of how I found hope and how I found the love of God in my life when I was a child.
I gave my heart to Jesus, which means someone else came along to a holiday club as a teacher at a holiday club. And they taught me about Jesus and they told me about the love of Jesus. And I prayed and I asked God into my life. And so, I have known God as my friend and my counsellor and my helper and my comfort for many, many years now. A
And the beautiful part of that is that I actually have had the opportunity to then lead other children in a holiday kid's club program that shows them how Jesus loves them so much and that is what I would pray for.
Everyone who is listening to this today that you would know that simple, childlike faith, that God wants each one of us to trust him with. No matter what type of difficulty, no matter what type of problem, no matter what stage of life. God just wants you to trust him with simple, childlike faith. That is the best thing, is to trust him and to entrust anything with him in prayer. I want to encourage you he can do that. Just trust God and talk to him. And He is really listening and waiting because he loves you.