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Hope Stories

Sue’s Hope Story

Hi, I am Sue. I look after the life groups at Hope Church.
I have been a Christian for over 40 years, and I could share many testimonies of God working in my life. But I would just like to share one right now of how he taught me about forgiveness.
Now, I had been married for 15 years, and just the week before Christmas, my husband up and walked out, left me for another woman and I had three young children under 12, a mortgage and a car payment. I was pretty guttered. I had lots of church family and friends that helped me during that time, but I became very much a bitter woman. I wanted revenge. I rejoiced in stories I heard about things not working out for my ex.
But then it was Easter and as I was driving to church and thinking over the story of Jesus hanging on the cross, He said, Father, forgive them for they know, not what they do. He forgave those people that were torturing him. And I suddenly realised that what had happened to me was nothing compared to what was happening to Jesus at that time.
I knew then in my heart that I had to forgive him. I forgave my ex and his new partner. I did not say it out loud. They did not need to hear my voice. The change was between me and I. I became free. Jesus just does it. That is not rational. That is Jesus. Forgive and you will have new life. Anything that you have got hanging over your head. Any bitterness in the past? Forgive, just like Jesus showed us.