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Hope Stories

Trish’s Hope Story

Hi, my name is Trish, and I am part of the worship team here at Hope Church 2508.
I just wanted to let you know the changes that God has done in my life. So, I used to believe the lie that I was inadequate, and I had no self-worth, that my life did not mean a whole lot.
But God revealed to me the truth that changed everything. I now know that I have great value, that I am greatly loved and that my life is worth something. Through God, I have all the strength that I need to step out and do all that he is he has for me.
It is just amazing the changes that He has enabled me to do, to lead the worship, to be part of his design for my life and my destiny. No longer am I controlled by fear or anxiety. I now have peace and contentment. And my hope is in Jesus and through him, all things are possible. He takes all my weaknesses and puts strength to them. I am a changed person because of Jesus.