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Discipleship is not a word that is commonly used outside Christian circles. A disciple is like a student – someone who learns from another. In Biblical times a disciple would follow the teaching of a Rabbi (teacher). The disciple or student would follow the instructions and way of life of the Rabbi.
The Bible says that all Christian’s become disciples of Jesus, they study His life and teaching and follow His ways. The New Testament teaches that faithful and reliable believers are to teach others. At Hope Church we want to ensure as best we can that ever person who decides to follow Jesus grows in their faith and develops spiritual maturity. For this reason, we are deliberate in discipling new believers.
Each new believer has a reliable and faithful believer available to them to help them get started in their Christian faith, however long that may be. They will answer any questions they may have, help them navigate life as a Christian and help them to be able to pray and read and understand the Bible effectively. This close friendship helps new believers get the start that they need.

Grow Discipleship Series

Grow is a 5-week series that we developed in house to assist new believers and anyone who wants to grow a relationship with God. The series has been designed to be undertaken with one of our facilitators either one on one or as part of a group.

The topics covered in the course are:

What does a relationship with God look like?
How to build a relationship with God through reading the Bible
How to build a relationship with God through prayer
How to build a relationship with God through hearing from God
How to walk according to your new spiritual nature