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Life Groups

What is a life group?

Life groups are small groups of people (generally less than 10) that meet each week in various locations. They are a great way to get connected into the life of the church and do life with likeminded people. Our groups are safe, encouraging, supportive and help provide practical application of Biblical principles.
Because people learn more about each other in an intimate setting, issues are often shared which opens opportunities for prayer and support.
Life groups go beyond a quick “how are you” to creating a sense of family where people are genuinely loved, cared for, and supported. Life group leaders are like shepherd’s who care for their sheep and look out for their health & welfare.
Life groups are a great way to get to know people and build genuine and authentic friendships.
Life Groups meet each week, at all different times during the week in many different locations and catering for every age and stage of life. Choose your preference and click the Join a Group button and we will get you connected.


Mixed Adult Life Group Sutherland – Hosted by Nick Greene


Mums and Bubs Life Group – Hosted by Briga Rattenbury
Women’s Life Group – Hosted by Sue Saffery


Mixed Adults Life Group Helensburgh – Hosted by David & Lynne
Mixed Young Adults Life Group Stanwell Tops – Hosted by PJ Bedwell
Mixed Adults Life Group Helensburgh – Hosted by Josh & Trish Roberts
Mixed Adults Life Group Stanwell Tops – Hosted by John Janman


Mixed New Christian Life Group Port Kembla – Hosted by Tayo and Anarhlia

We also have youth life groups that meet throughout the week

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