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The Love of God

God loves you.

The Bible says that God was driven by love when He sent His son Jesus Christ to Earth to die in your place, to take the punishment of your sin and then be raised from death to life, so that if you would repent – turn away from sin and towards God – and believe in Him you could enter into a relationship with God and spend eternity with Him in Heaven.
According to the Bible God is love. And so many of us have experienced that love and it motivates us to share Him with everyone! God defines what love is. We have the privilege to know what love looks like. When you look at the life of Jesus you can see what God is like and see what true love is like.
The love of God is unconditional. It is not dependent upon performance. We do not have to do anything for God to love us. We see this in the life of Jesus. Jesus was mocked, beaten, whipped, spat upon, and ultimately crucified. He was so tortured that He was unrecognisable as a human being. Yet while in excruciating pain on a cross He cried out to God the Father, “Lord, forgive them for that they do not know what they do”.
He died for you knowing all the wrong that you would do and yet He willingly died for you. There isn’t a more powerful way for anyone to prove their love for you. You would never question the love of a parent who gave up their life so that their child could have a chance to live and we can live knowing that we never need to question whether God loves us.
Bad things happen to everyone, that is a natural by-product of living in a broken world with broken people. God is not behind the bad things. The Bible says that God is working all things together for the good of those that love God and are called according to His purposes. God is behind all that is good in this world and the devil behind the evil.
The goodness of God and His love is meant to lead people into repentance (turning from doing life their own way and following the ways of Jesus) and into a relationship with Him. It would be tragic if you accepted that God loved you and wanted a relationship with you but ultimately never used your free will to say “Yes” to His offer and follow after Him. The gift of a relationship with God and eternal life is not automatic, and you need to repent and put your trust in Him (make Him the Lord of your life). We encourage you to watch the video below which explains how you can begin a relationship with God.

What do I need to do to receive this new life?