Helensburgh Men’s Shed

Helensburgh Men’s Shed, is a joint initiative of Hope Church 2508 and Helensburgh and Stanwell Park Anglican Church and has been operating since September 2016.
The Men’s Shed operates between 9am to 3pm on Mondays and Tuesdays out of 199 Parkes Street, Helensburgh.

We are back open

As at the 16th March, 2020 the shed is open for operation after closing during the Covid 19 restrictions with the following restrictions/actions:
The Men’s Shed operates between 9am to 3pm on Mondays and Tuesdays out of 199 Parkes Street, Helensburgh.
  • Members who have returned from overseas travel or have family members who have returned from overseas travel, in the last 14 days are to remain in isolation from the shed.
  • Members who are exhibiting any cold like symptoms are to seek medical assistance and remain isolated from the shed.
  • For those members attending the shed the following good hygene practices are to be followed:
    • Regularly wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
    • Cough or sneeze into your arm or a tissue. Securely bin the tissue and wash hands immediately after.
    • As much as practical work separately to avoid close contact.
A Men’s Shed is a larger version of the typical man’s shed in the garden – a place where he feels at home and pursues practical interests with a high degree of autonomy. Helensburgh Men’s Shed offers this to a group of such men where members share the tools and resources they need to work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace and in a safe, friendly, and inclusive venue.
Helensburgh Men’s Shed is a place of skill-sharing and informal learning, of pursuing individual and community projects, of purpose, achievement, and social interaction. A place of leisure where men come together to work. Helensburgh Men’s Shed is serving the 2508 community by providing a facility in which men can come together, pursue hobbies, undertake community projects, and talk with mates to facilitate longer, more active, healthier and happier lives.
Helensburgh Men’s Shed’s initial activities have involved making or mending in wood (e.g. carpentry, joinery, turning, CNC milling, furniture renovation), repairing mechanical items (mowers, whipper snippers), restoring a car and renovating the currently used building. Setting up a metalworking area is well underway. Whichever activities are pursued the essence of a Shed is not a building but the network of relationships between the members.
Helensburgh Men’s Shed is a member of the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) and currently has more than 50 members. We warmly welcome new members. If you are interested in joining please send an email to [email protected].
Helensburgh Men Shed is part of Hope Health 2508 incorporated a registered not for profit charity within Australia. All donations are tax deductible and most welcome.
If you would like the Men’s Shed to build, repair or restore an item or like to donate tools or materials, we would love to hear from you.