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Hope Stories

Jason’s Hope Story

Hi, my name's Jason. I would just like to share my hope story with you.
For a long time, for 35, nearly 35 years, I battled addictions, alcohol, gambling, pornography, very much lived week to week and live very much a destructive life that brought destruction to my family, ended a marriage.
But now, a few years on, since finding Christ, that he has totally freed me and I am living in freedom and I am so thankful. I am so thankful for my church family and where I am now, where I am at now, just living in freedom and in peace at this place. It (the peace) transcends all understanding.
I am so thankful. And I love my new life. I love my new life in Christ. And anyone that is battling gambling in particular. You have a saviour that will free you from all this. Just call out to him, say, Lord, I have had enough of this. Please take it away from me and he will free you. I promise you that He is so good. We have got such a loving God that just wants to see you free.