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Hope Stories

Shona’s Hope Story

Shona, a pastors kid describes that in spite of having a belief in God and an ‘amazing upbringing’ she looked for the approval of others. The constant search for contentment in an attempt to fill the void lead her to experience deep depression, anxiety, multiple suicide attempts a bipolar diagnosis, hospitalisation and a myriad of medication.

Having a partial belief in God just wasn’t enough to bring freedom. After making the choice to fully surrender everything to God, she experienced true freedom, peace and complete healing from mental illness. This decision to fully embrace God and trust in who God says she is has lead to a life of freedom, peace and healing. No longer on medication and loving life.

Hi, my name's Shona, and I just wanted to share with you my story of hope. As you may know, my parents are the Pastors of Hope Church 2508 and I had an amazing upbringing. We became a Christian family when I was six.
And so, I have known God most of my life. But I was always searching for the approval of others. I never felt good enough for people. And so, as a teenager, seeking the approval of others led to bad relationships, some good, but there were bad ones as well.
And so I got into this deep depression and was just trying to fit in. I ended up having multiple suicide attempts as a teenager and being hospitalised for depression and anxiety.
As I went into adulthood, I got married and married an amazing man. But I was never satisfied. Having kids, I thought that would bring happiness and peace. I love my kids and I have got an amazing husband, but I still just was not content.
Later, as an adult, I got diagnosed with bipolar as well. I was constantly on medication and just trying to feel better, buying things, hanging out with the wrong people, just trying to fill this empty void in my life. I knew God, but he was part of a side of my life. He was just this little part of my life – in a box that I put him in.
But when I moved back down to Helensburgh and got to come to Hope Church, I realised looking at people that there was something different. There was something different in their lives that God actually took the whole of their lives. They had this peace about them that no matter what was going on, they were content.
I just wanted that and that is when I actually gave over everything in my life. That is when I felt this peace, that God was enough for me. God is enough for me. It does not matter what is going on because He is enough.
I am now free from depression, anxiety, and bipolar. I just live in this freedom that I know that I am enough, and God is enough for me.
I encourage you, that if you do not know that, if you are looking for approval or happiness or just searching and you have got this void in your life, reach out to us. We would love to share with you. You know, I am not alone in this. There is so many stories and I just encourage you just to reach out because there is hope.