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Inspirational Stories of Hope and Peace

  • Therese Sandridge's story of Hope

    Therese is married and has 2 children and has lived in Stanwell Park for over 20 years. She and her husband own the Newsagency in Helensburgh. Therese bravely shares her struggle with depression and the underlying abuse issues that brought this about. Her story will greatly encourage you!

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  • Lionel Rattenbury's story of Hope

    Lionel is 53 years old and has lived in Helensburgh for 26 years. He is married and has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He tells of how selfishness and materialism nearly cost him his life and his marriage. He tells a story of how he found peace and fulfilment in his relationship with Jesus Christ.

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  • Shona Smith's story of Hope

    Shona grew up in Helensburgh. In her youth and most of her adult life struggled with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. She attempted suicide on 3 occasions and was hospitalised with depression. She now lives free from anxiety and depression and takes no medications through her relationship with Jesus.

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  • Isaiah Janman's story of Hope

    Isaiah is a 16 and lives in Stanwell Tops. A few years ago he was depressed, was being bullied at school, was isolating and had suicide thoughts. Isaiah is now living free from all of these things plagued him. Listen to how this occurred.

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