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Can Youth Suicide really go on killing thousands of young people?

Hope Youth Centre

Young people committing suicide is happening way too often. We believe that every single human life is infinitely valuable. Youth suicide has got to stop. We believe that bringing young people into a healthy community and surrounding them with new friends who love them allows them to see and believe that their lives are priceless. Loving community can stop suicide and we have seen it work where everything else has failed.
Our methods are extremely simple; everyone who joins us is welcomed with unconditional love and acceptance, from the team and from peer to peer. We have seen the dramatic effect that simply loving young people can have and have seen a number of planned suicides averted.
We have seen a number of young people who have been at the end of the line, who could get no effective relief no matter how many therapy sessions they attended or medications they tried. When they came along, it was unconditional love and kindness that made all the difference.
The miracles we have seen are breathtaking. Youth have come from suicidal and mentally ill, and gone on to gain meaningful employment, further study at university and TAFE. The goal isn’t to leave people struggling. We have seen the effect of empowering and believing in young people and giving them training and opportunity to flourish.
We have created a place for people to come along and be accepted and welcomed, no matter who they are or where they come from. Hope Youth Centre is a free youth drop-in centre opening on school afternoons, provided to the community by Hope Church 2508.

Tax Deductible Giving

Where your money will go

  • All current team are volunteers (gifts will not go to wages)
  • Rent of commercial factory space
  • Weekly operating costs; food, insurance, electricity
  • Equipment for the youth, including job-skills training
  • Training courses for young people

How to give

  • Give one off donation
  • Commit to sponsoring $10, $25 or $50 per week to keep this vital work going