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Ask us about our hope today, by calling (02) 4294 2299 or 0404803055 or go to Youtube Live for our Sunday service 9:30am.

We are a people of Hope. Our church is not a building, it’s a community. We share our hope with 2508 through a range of services to meet local needs.

We welcome everyone at Hope 2508. Our faith in Jesus convinces us that everyone can experience hope, regardless of what point they are on their life journey. There is no ‘entry-level’ requirement here. Each of us here at Hope 2508 simply loves God as best we know how, and try to genuinely live out our faith by loving others and being a blessing to our community. At Hope 2508 no one is perfect but we love each other anyway.

We believe that Hope has the power to transform lives. We know it because we live it. When hope takes hold in our lives nothing is ever the same. Clarity crowds out chaos; peace dwells where anxiety once ruled; joy overflows. A life of hope is a life worth living.

Our Sunday services are not about man-made religion but are really about building a relationship with our loving God. At the core of our beliefs is that Christianity is not about living out a set of rules; it’s about having a relationship with the loving, living God.

We believe that Jesus is God, the hope of the world. We love to see people’s lives transformed by the hope of Jesus. As an organisation, we belong to the Australian Christian Churches, a group of more than 1000 churches in Australia and approximately 270,000 members. Everything we do is based on biblical teaching and our theology is simple; we want to live as Jesus did.

Jesus is the source of our hope, the source of our peace, the source of our joy.

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